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Minnesota Street Project Editions

Oral Florist Tea Set by Rita Bullwinkel

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“To bridge the gap between the digital and the physical Oral Florist sometimes makes objects.” – Rita Bullwinkel

This limited edition Oral Florist tea set contains 6-8 cups of four flowers tea (chamomile, pink rose, hibiscus and lavender), a stainless steel tea infuser, and a box that can be planted to grow wildflowers. The exterior of the box is printed with the names and recordings of the first 26 Oral Florist readers. The wildflower seeds contained within the paper of the box include five spot, candytuft, baby blue eyes, scarlet flax, siberian wallflower, zinnia, sweet william pinks, corn poppy, tall spurred snapdragon, catchfly, english daisy, gloriosa daisy and black-eyed susan. To grow, soak the paper in water and plant under a thin layer of soil. Keep moist until wildflowers bloom.

Designed and handmade by Rita Bullwinkel. Edition of 100. Be sure to explore Oral Florist, an interactive sound library of artists reading aloud texts they encounter in their daily lives. Part of the Minnesota Street Project Adjacent Virtual Residency.