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Minnesota Street Project Editions

Oral Florist Cassette by Rita Bullwinkel

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“To bridge the gap between the digital and the physical Oral Florist sometimes makes objects.” – Rita Bullwinkel

This limited edition cassette tape contains the first 26 recordings of Oral Floristan interactive sound library of artists reading aloud texts they encounter in their daily lives. From Christine Schutt reading about the clam chowder wars to Patrick Cottrell reading about how to name a star, these 26 recordings are evidence that, in a life carefully noticed, one might be able to find playfulness and humor and love and beauty and sadness in many places that lie outside the confines of what is typically categorized as “literature.”

Designed by Rita Bullwinkel. Tape production by Heather Fisk. Case printing by Middle Press. Edition of 100. Part of the Minnesota Street Project Adjacent Virtual Residency.

Side A (27:27)
Christine Schutt Reads The History of Can Opener Casseroles 2:25
Vi Khi Nao Reads 1095-B 2:08
Catherine Lacey Reads Police Reports from Her Hometown Newspaper 2:22
Léonie Guyer Reads Mother's Little Eye 0:55
C Pam Zhang Reads People Who Met Their Partners After 30 1:45
Benjamin Booker Reads Welcome to Your New Baby 1:48
Joanna Ruocco Reads Frog Notes 1:09
Yuri Herrera Reads The Daily Picayune From March 14th 1854 3:26
Joanna Howard Reads The Puritan 3:37
Jennifer S. Cheng Reads Embroidery Instructions 2:17
Brontez Purnell Reads Martha Graham's Notebook 2:06
Rebekah Bergman Reads Love Dogs & Own a Camera 1:16
Samantha Hunt Reads Her Grandfather's 1918 Love Letter to Her Grandmother 2:02
Side B (30:45)
Diane Williams Reads How to Improve Your Conversation 1:48
Hilary Leichter Reads Slumber Party 1:41
Ismail Muhammad Reads J. Hecor St. John's 1781 Sketches of America 2:23
Lucy Corin Reads The Coral Castle 3:13
Ottessa Moshfegh Reads Children Who Kill 1:52
Sarah Gerard Reads Sunshine Algorithm 3:19
Alexandra Kleeman Reads Archaeologies of the Future 2:01
Dougie Poole Reads Sopranos Boyfriend 2:51
Deb Olin Unferth Reads The Certificates On Her Refrigerator 0:51
Mimi Lok Reads The Manual For The Jeep Wrangler JL 2:47
Mary South Reads Sexy Trade Secrets and Home Remedies 2:40
Jesse Ball Reads Instructions for Handling Bunches of Greens 2:34
Patrick Cottrell Reads Star Namer 2:27