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Minnesota Street Project Editions

Dipped Spoons by Nellie King Solomon

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Nellie King Solomon

Dipped Spoons, 2018

Single Sterling silver spoon, paint

Each spoon is unique, and one will be chosen at random upon purchase.

San Francisco-based artist Nellie King Solomon dips antique silver spoons into the cans of paint she uses for her paintings. The result are these one-of-a-kind artworks. Silver Spoons of privilege. Dipped in art history. The price equals the atomic weight of silver x 2.


Solomon has always been interested by the movement of energy, especially on a large scale, such as ‘where tectonic plates meet and collide’. Solomon says of her work, “I paint on sheets of mylar laid flat on a 9 × 9 foot table. The mylar tilts like a landscape. The topography below the mylar helps generate the composition of each painting. Thick black sweeps and iridescent skim coats are marks made without the scaled imprint of hand or brush. Liquid marks leave evidence of something having happened. Corrosive flecks of soda ash cake like battery acid on the edges of the paint, irridescent Cristalina fills the pools with glitz. The translucent surface of the mylar allows the edges to disappear into the wall. Light penetrates directly through clear pools of medium to the wall beyond. The architecture of the wall is subverted.”