Tom Loughlin

Tom Loughlin is interested in systems of meaning and how they function or fail to function. He believes we’re wired for co-operation, and that we’ve evolved cultural and linguistic systems to facilitate communal action. What interests him is the way these systems fail – not just the way they can break down, but the manner in which their proper functioning can obscure our ability to see things as they really are. He wonders how we negotiate the planet and find comfort under the circumstances.

Tom Loughlin is a 2013 graduate of SFAI’s MFA program in New Genres. A recent affiliate artist at the Headlands Center for the Arts, his work has been shown at The Lab and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Upon the demolition of the east span of the Bay Bridge, Loughlin was awarded eleven tons of steel by the Oakland Museum of California to make a public art piece for Treasure Island. Loughlin is also a graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s School of Law, and has had a plaintiff-side practice in intellectual property and products liability. He is a Charter Artist at Minnesota Street Project Studios.

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