About Us

Minnesota Street Project Editions collaborates with artists in the community to create limited-edition artworks and design objects that are as original and inspiring as the minds behind them. The online store features a mix of handmade collectibles and functional items—from sculptures and exclusive prints to artist-designed apparel and homeware.

Editions exists to support Minnesota Street Project’s mission to provide affordable spaces for artists, galleries, and cultural nonprofits in the Bay Area. The Project shares proceeds evenly with each Editions artist and uses their portion to further reduce the rents for the Project's tenants.

Located in San Francisco’s historic Dogpatch district, Minnesota Street Project spans three warehouses of purpose-built artist studios, galleries, exhibition spaces, and art services and storage. Opened in 2016, the Project was founded on the belief that philanthropic support for the arts today requires an alternate model—one suited to the innovative nature of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Editions is just one of many ways the Project fulfills this vision. Learn more.